Thank you for coming.
Our DRUMIDEA always strives to share good data and information.
I've been doing a lot of drum-related activities through FACEBOOK, INSTARGRAM, and YOUTUBE for a long time. As a result, I was able to interact with drummers around the world and it has become a place for good activities. We created our DRUMIDEA shopping mall to share good information and materials in a legitimate way. I will share with you DRUMIDEA's own materials that I have accumulated while studying. All the scores are copyrighted scores. Those who purchased it can use it with confidence. Content is updated periodically. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution are subject to punishment. Please note this, and I hope everyone who came will be happy and healthy.  Thanks once again.

There are a total of three ways to practice. There are three scores prepared.
(1. Point Practice 2. Drum Practice 3. Band Practice) Please practice in this order and we have prepared to watch the videos of these three for free, so you can use them appropriately.

It's a sculpture lesson, but it's an implicit task of many contents. You can realize many things with one content. It's a completely different way from the drumsticks that many students do these days. The process until you draw is prepared as a score. You can see everything if you purchase it, and there is also a video prepared, so please use it well.

I have systematically diversified the know-how and good tasks I have accumulated so far. It is a textbook that many overseas drummers have already purchased and studied even before the site was opened, and hymns were recorded in full drum scores from 1 to 645. Whenever the videos are updated one by one, we will upload them and notify you.

*All of our products are digital products. As it is a digital file, it is a product made with a lot of care, so I hope you have a good time after purchasing it.